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07-101C IR1001COMPACT-Infrarot-Ofen SWX TA TI

07-101C IR1001COMPACT-Infrarot-Ofen TZ TI

07-101C IR1001COMPACT-Infrarot-Ofen TO TD
 07-106C IR1001COMPACT Untergestell  

07-101C IR1001COMPACT-Infrarot-Ofen SWX TA TIInfrared-Oven IR1001 COMPACT

Infrared-Oven for the Orthotic section


The IR1001 COMPACT is designed to fit the needs for compact Infrared-Ovens at the small to mid-sized range. As a bench top oven or equipped with the optional stand the IR1001 COMPACT replaces also normal heating plates.

It is of course equipped with the innovative optical temperature sensor and a controller of the latest generation. Same as the larger Infrared-ovens the two-line PID-Controller keeps the user constantly updated of the preset and actual temperature values. The preselect feature allows the user to store four temperature settings which can be easily called up by use of a single button. A signal light informs the user when the set temperature is reached, even if he is not standing right in front of the control panel.

The components of the WITZEL IR control

  • Digital PID-Controller with two-line display and signal-light for set point
  • Optical Temperature-feeler, measures the exact surface temperature of the material
  • Standby-switch for an economical adjustment of the heating-area to the material´s size
  • Speed dial button for calling up 4 preset temperature values
  • automatical IR-tube shut-off when oven door is opened

Never burn your plastics again!

Infrared-heat is radiation-heat which heats materials and not air. The ingenious optical temperature control system of our Witzel Infrared-ovens gives you the absolute control over the surface temperature of the material - and that´s what is important!

The innovative Witzel Infrared-ovens are equipped with an optical temperature-feeler. Thus we have been able to combine the enormous heating-power and -speed of the infrared-tubes with a reliable temperature control. Due to the measuring of the material´s surface temperature (and not the inside air temperature) the full performance of the IR-tubes can be used.

The result is an oven which is instant on, which needs no preheating time and does not overheat and burn materials. Caused by this “ON DEMAND” use the energy consumption is drastically reduced. Usual pre-heating times of up to one hour are definitely a thing of the past!

„Instant on“ unit - less energy consumption!
Heat on demand - no preheating necessary!



Technical Data: IR1001 COMPACT

Article No.: 07-101C
Type: IR1001 COMPACT - Infrared Oven for the O&P field , Bench-top design
Footprint: approx. 1m² 
Dimensions: Outside: W 1270 mm - D 920mm - H 455mm / Inside:    W 1000mm - D 800mm - H 140mm
Tray: tray movable full size on ball bearing guides, easy to remove without tools for fast teflon replacement, effective heating area: W 950 x D 750 mm
Power supply: 400V / 50/60Hz / 3 Phase / (16 Amp. CEE) / total capacity 7,7 kW, (other voltages available) 
Heating: 12 Infrared-Quartz-tubes with reflector, Stand-by switch
Temperature control: opto-electronic IR-measuring unit, Measuring of the material´s surface temperature!
Temperature control: PID-Controller, infinitely variable from 30°C to 250°C