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The latest series ..03 of our infrared ovens comes with new software and many practical improvements that help to optimise your workshop processes.

07-132 IR1302 TO-TD

The new software of the infrared ovens series ..03 offers a modern user interface with easy operation. Many practical improvements help to optimise the workshop processes. For example, the proven material trolley has been equipped with a fully integrated holder for blister forming thermoforming frames. Individual maintenance instructions and up-to-date access to online manuals via QR code scan have been integrated for long-term trouble-free workshop operation.






Witzel infrared ovens are designed for  processing sheet material, deep-drawing shafts and pre-preg processing

More than 20 years of experience with infrared heat and the special requirements of the orthopaedic workshop have gone into the current, now fourth generation of our infrared ovens. For example, the new user interface of the ..03 series offers a reduced, modern look with simplified operation and extended functions. The proven options such as the timer and ramp function, the graphic display of the heating process or the USB interface for programme updates have been expanded with new functions such as the automatic maintenance instructions.

IR1302 Controller


IR 02 Heizwahl1


IR 02 Heizwahl2






Reducing energy costs through heat selection

The large IR1303 and IR1303XTR plate ovens offer the option of selective activation of the 18 or 24 infrared emitters via a standard heat selection circuit. This saves additional energy for small material cuts.


Programmable heating processes with timer and ramp function 

Modern materials and processing methods require individual solutions. The newly developed microprocessor control gives the user the option of designing individually designed heating processes and storing them in user-defined memory. 


Thermostat control via material temperature

The temperature of all Witzel infrared ovens is controlled by an optical sensor that measures the exact surface temperature of the material being processed and passes it on to the PID control of the oven controller. Calibrations specially developed by us enable the smooth processing of all materials commonly used in orthopaedic technology.


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EASYPREG Materials

Exact-Plastics next generation of thermoplastic Composites allows to easily manufacture high end components for the O&P field.


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Leasing Information


Stay up to date and save your liquidity with our intersting Leasing program (available for Germany only).

PD Witzel VACUPRESS Leasing 

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