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BMP Baumeister Pre-Preg Kit for Infrared-Ovens


The „Baumeister“ Pre-Preg accessory line arised from professional O&P practice and has been developed to maturity phase now. This high-end stainless steel tool-box has been especially designed for  processing Pre-Preg materials in Infrared-ovens. It is compatible with Infrared-ovens IR1301, IR1301 XTR und IR2101 DUAL.

The BMP accessory kit is available as four standard versions. As 4x or 6x version and with or without  thermoforming option. All items can be purchased separately to extend the kits. Beside the basic frame with adapters and sockets for the included vacuum-tubes, the kits include handy clamping devices for wear-out free fixing of the vacuum-tubes during processing.



18-500-447 BMP-Set 6-fach



Article 18-500-446 „Baumeister“ Pre-Preg kit 6x with thermoforming option:

1x Pre-Preg basic frame
1x reflector stainles steel blank
6x adapter/holder, inclination adjustable for vacuum-tube sockets
5x vacuum-tube socket 1/2“
1x vacuum-tube socket 3/4“
5x vacuum-tube 1/2“ with square socket
1x vise clamping device 3-form vertikal for 1/2“
1x vacuum-tube 3/4“ with square socket
1x vise clamping device 3-form vertikal for 3/4“
1x vacuum-distributor 6x with valves
1x hose-kit for vacuum-distributor 6x (2x 60cm, 2x 90xm, 2x 120cm)
1x vacuum-hose inside oven to vacuum-distributor 180cm
1x vacuum-tube 1/2“ for thermoforming
1x vise clamping device 7-form horizontal for 1/2“
1x vacuum-tube 3/4“ for thermoforming
1x vise clamping device 7-form horizontal for 3/4“

Article 18-500-444 „Baumeister“ Pre-Preg kit 4x with thermoforming option
Article 18-500-445 „Baumeister“ Pre-Preg kit 4x
Article 18-500-447 „Baumeister“ Pre-Preg kit 6x

18-500-400 Grundrahmen Reflektorblech


Article 18-500-400 BMP Pre-Preg basic frame

BMP Pre-Preg basic frame 1250 x 1080 mm incl. reflector blank D3, t=1mm

18-500-401 402 BMP Adapter Absaugrohraufnahme



Article 18-500-401 BMP adapter/holder

Article 18-500-402 BMP vacuum-tube socket 1/2“

Article 18-500-403 BMP vacuum-tube socket 3/4“

18-500-404 BMP Absaugrohr 1-2  


Article 18-500-404 BMP vacuum-tube with square socket 1/2“

Article 18-500-405 BMP vacuum-tube with square socket 3/4“

18-500-406 407 BMP Spannvorrichtungen senkrecht  

Article 18-500-406 BMP clamping device 3-form vertical with square socket 1/2“

Article 18-500-407 BMP clamping device 3-form vertical with square socket 3/4“

18-500-412 BMP-Vakuumverteiler-6-fach


Article 18-500-411 BMP Vacuum-distributor 4x with ball valve, coulping, assembly clamps

Article 18-500-412 BMP Vacuum-distributor 6x with ball valve, coulping, assembly clamps

18-500-413 Schlauchset 


Article 18-500-413 Hose-kit for 4x vacuum-distributor , 2 hoses each: 80, 120 cm

Article 18-500-414 Hose-kit for 6x vacuum-distributor , 2 hoses each: 60, 90, 120 cm 

Article 18-500-419 vacuum-hose inside oven to distributor, 1x 180 cm, couplig, hose connector 1/2“

18-500-415 416 Absaugrohre  

Article 18-500-415 Thermoforming vacuum-tube 1/2“ with ball-valve and coupling

Article 18-500-416 Thermoforming vacuum-tube 3/4“ with ball-valve and coupling

Article 18-500-417 Thermoforming vacuum-tube 1 1/2“ with ball-valve and coupling

18-500-420 BMP Wandhalterung  

Article 18-500-420 BMP wall holder for Pre-Preg basic frame adapter

18-500-408 409 BMP Spannvorrichtungen waagerecht

18-500-408 BMP-Spannvorrichtung-7-teilig


Article 18-500-408 Clamping device 7-form horizontal for 1/2" thermoforming vacuum-tube

Article 18-500-409 Clamping device 7-form horizontal for 3/4" thermoforming vacuum-tube

18-500-418 Das Ding  

Article 18-500-418 Vise unit "Das Ding“ with several hose diameter for holding plaster cast rods