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01-626 Leistenlagerungshilfe


Mould-positioning unit

(Article-No 01-626)

Your daily work is made easier with this practical aid. From low shoe to boot, stores practically every model securely and comfortably. The multiple fast adjustment enables quick “switching” from low to high models and vice versa. Thanks to the narrow support area, this bearing application assistance enables deep drawing results which are practically complete all the way around.


20-008 Thermohandschuhe duenn



Heat Protection Gloves (thin version)

(Article-No 20-008)

Light cotton heat protection gloves for working with soft foam thermoplastics or other thermoplastics and for short-term thermal loads


20-009 Thermohandschuhe dick


Heat Protection Gloves (thick version)

(Article-No 20-009)

Thick cotton heat protection gloves (terrycloth) for heavy and long-term thermal loads. With long cuff to protect the forearm.


09-160 Unterdruckverteiler



(Article-No 09-160)

This vacuum distributor acts as the terminal for your central vacuum supply. Subsequently, at any workstation you have vacuum connections available which are independently adjustable (volume flow) at four ball valves. The distributor is designed for wall mounting (fixing material not included).

We provide several accessories for connecting the distributor and installing your vacuum line. Ask us about it. We will like to give you our advice.


09-165 IRV-PRO-Unterdruckverteiler


Vacuum-Distributor IRV-PRO

(Article-No 09-165)

Due to its features this adjustable Vacuum-Distributor provides extended capabilities. The vacuum of both connections can be individually and seperately regulated from 0 -100%. A seperate vacuum gauge allows perfect control over your working process.

We provide several accessories for connecting the distributor and installing your vacuum line. Ask us about it. We will like to give you our advice.



07-350 Laminierrohr


Laminating jig (vacuum-pipe)

(Article No 07-350)

The laminating jig is used for fixing the mold during resin lamination work. Due to two vacuum-lines the lower and upper vacuum bag can be evacuated separately. Bracket for vise assembly is standard. Standard version with 130mm plate, alterative version with 100mm is also available.

All components can be ordered separately as well.


01-624 fussbetaetigtes ventil


Foot-operated vacuum valve

(Article No 01-624)

The foot-operated vacuum valve can be used for thermoplastic drape molding or blister forming. The valve can be configred either as normally open or normally closed. A lockable version is available version is also available.

With the help of this valve as a “third hand” and due to the vacuum automatic of all VACUPRESS deep drawing devices you have both hands free during the complete deep drawing procedure and can control the suction speed comfortably with your foot. A practically indispensable accessory, especially for the production of test shoes and bath shoes in particular!

Connection is possible to all VACUPRESS as well as most other vacuum-presses.



Nachrüst-Set für VACUPRESS 620 SII/S3
unabhängigen Betrieb von Zusatzgeräten
(z.B. VA 520 GK/I)

(Artikel-Nummer 01-521)

Mit diesem Nachrüst-Set ermöglichen Sie den unabhängigen Betrieb Ihres VACUPRESS 620 SII / S3 Hauptgerätes und einem oder mehreren Nebengeräten (z.B. 520 GK/1 - ohne eigene Pumpe). Das Nachrüst-Set besteht im Wesentlichen aus einem Magnetventil mit allen Elektrischen- und Vakuum-Anschlüssen sowie einer ausführlichen Einbau-Anleitung.

Nach dem Einbau des Nachrüst-Sets wird Ihr Hauptgerät beim Einschalten in einen sofortigen Bereitschaftszustand versetzt und das bestehende Schlauchsystem evakuiert. Wird nun an einem der Nebengeräte, dem Hauptgerät oder aber dem externen Anschluss gearbeitet, so schaltet sich die Vakuum-Pumpe dank Vakuum-Automatik sofort ein und überwacht permanent das Vakuum an allen Arbeitsstationen. (Der Einbau ab Werk ist selbstverständlich ebenfalls möglich!)





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