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10-620 Walkmatten



Standard bladder (black)

Standard-Bladder with very good endurance and high elasticity
Colour: black
Surface: micro-patterned

Available dimensions:
Article size
10-450 450x400x1,2 mm
10-620 600x450x1,2 mm


10-620 Walkmatten


Soft-Bladder (grey)

Special-Bladder with excellent characteristics for thermoplastic materials. Does not stick on the most materials used in the O&P and shoe-technique field without using talcum. Extremely extensible and softly molding.

Colour: lightgrey
Surface: even

Available dimensions:
Article No. size
10-621 450x400x2,0 mm
10-622 600x450x2,0 mm
10-452 620x500x2,0 mm
10-521 700x510x2,0 mm
10-522 700x700x2,0 mm
10-851 850x680x2,0 mm
10-922 900x750x2,0 mm
10-151 1500x1100x2,0 mm
10-951 running meter x 2,0 mm / 1300 mm wide



10-620 Walkmatten


 Silicone-Bladder (white/transparent)

100% Silicone-Bladder! Unbeatable stretchable and heat-resistant. This material meets even the highest demands!

Colour: white/transparent
Surface: even

Available dimensions:
Article No. size
12-450 450x400x2,0 mm
12-620 600x450x2,0 mm
12-451 620x500x2,0 mm
12-520 700x510x2,0 mm
12-522 700x700x2,0 mm
12-850 850x680x2,0 mm
12-900 900x750x2,0 mm
12-150 1500x1100x2,0 mm
12-950 running meter x 2,0 mm, 1200 mm wide


Test hoe PVC sheets (test shoe foils)

PVC-foil available in different thicknesses for test-shoes and last/model copies. The 2,0 mm foil is also suitable for the O&P field.

Colour: transparent, clear
Surface: even

Available dimensions:
Article No. size
11-450 450x400x0,4 mm
11-620 600x450x0,5 mm
11-622 600x450x1,0 mm
11-624 600x450x2,0 mm






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