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01-620S3 VA-620-S3 Detail HZG  01-620S3 VA-620-S3 Detail Steckdose
01-620S3 VA-620S3 COOL-TEC

01-620S3 VA-620S3 CT

01-620S3 VA-620S3 Detail Rahmen

01-620S3 VA-620S3 CT


Vacuum-press for the orthopedic shoemaker business and O&P field.
For manufacturing of  insoles, foot orthotics and smaller orthotics (AFO). 
For manufacturing of PVC test shoes and EASYPREG processing.

The current version of the VACUPRESS 620 S3 deep-drawing-unit is equipped with the new developed COOL-TEC cooling-system. By use of adjustable special air jets materials can now be cooled automatically at the VACUPRESS unit. Thus cooling duration is reduced up to 75%. Increase the productivity of your workshop by shortening the turnaround times!


Standard COOL-TEC system

• Revolutionary Cooling-System
• Speeds up the cooling of moulded Thermoplastics up to 75%
• Increases productivity
• Special air jets ensure a minimum air consumption at a low pressure of just 1,5bar

UNILOCK - state of the art for practical material clamping

• fast and uncomplicated handling
• opening and closing of the working frame with only one handle
• supported by gas-shock
• locking with articulate hinges
• no adjustment to different material thickness
• no bothering levers and gear
• no sophisticated master lock devices


Practice oriented know-how and up to date technology

Since its introduction in 1990 the VACUPRESS UNILOCK-system has revolutionized the handling of vacuum-deep-drawing units. With the current stage of development - VACUPRESS 620 S3 - many details could be optimized again - improving the ergonomics has been the center of our considerations.

From experience - to practice

With further development of the UNILOCK-system, the working-area has been raised to the level of the clamped material. Hereby inserting  the material becomes easier and the results of the deep-drawing-process are getting optimized by a better utilization of the material.

VACUPRESS 620 S3 UNILOCK moulds all thermoplastic materials. The integrated vacuum-control guarantees highest molding accuracy and efficient production. Its powerful vacuum-pump with high reserve capacity is lifetime maintenance-free and, due to permanent improvements, it is running smooth as never before -  We assist you making you workplace as ergonomic as possible!


A full integrated working area illumination allows to control the complete deep-drawing-process optimal and  guarantees perfect results. - We think about your problems and convert your enquiries to the practice!

Hot product - cool design

Electronic timer controlled infrared tubes with high efficiency mirrors and a rigid ball bearing guided safety grill are the components of the automatic heater. The grill-tray can be moved to the side and additionally rotated to the top (180°)

Selection of a heating period 30-199 sec. is achieved by a code switch. The selected time starts running down to 0 by pushing the “START” button. The procedure can be interrupted at any time. An audio alarm indicates the end of the heating process.



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Technical Data VACUPRESS 620 S3 COOL-TEC

Article No.: 01-620S3
Type: VACUPRESS 620 S3 UNILOCK - COOL-TEC - Vacuum-Press for the orthopaedic shoe technique / O&P field
Footprint: approx. . 0,34 qm / Bench-top version
Dimensions: H: 1050mm  -  W: 750mm  -  D: 590mm
Power supply: 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phase / other available
Capacity: 5,9 KW
Heating: 5400 W Infrared  Quartz,  reflector, 9 elements
Heating-time:       Adjustable from 30-199 sec., 2 LED displays / Set-time + remaining time
Vacuum-pump 0,45 Kw 12 m³/h, two-stage -  oil- and maintenance-free / motor-protection-switch 
Airfilter: cartridge-type, high capacity
Fram dimensions: 450mm x 600 mm / vertical lift, working area raised on material level
Frame guide: 16 ball bearing, running in steel rails
Vacuum cavity: W: 140mm  L: 190mm  D: 190mm / integrated in working area, standard
Frame locking: Main handle, located on the right hand side
UNILOCK mechanism: patented one handle material clamping system, self-adjusting from 0,5 up to 8,0 mm material thickness.
Activation grill: lateral moveable, ball bearing guided, additionally rotateable to th etop (180°), vertical adjustable.
Illumination: 2 x 35W / 12V Halogen spotlight 
Vacuum automatic: Standard - vacuum pump starts automatically when working frame is closed, shuts off when vacuum is reached Vacuum pressure is controlled during moulding process.
Heating automatic: Standard - The Infrared-Heating elements are controlled by an electronic timer and shut off automatically when pre-set heating time is reached.
COOL-TEC Cooling System: Standard - Integrated cooling-system to decrease cooling period of vacuum-moulded materials by use of special air jets. External compressed air supply required.  Pressure is internally reduced to 1,5 bar.
Colour: structural effect paint, blue / light grey RAL 5017/7035