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20-053 TLV25-HV-II-Vakuum-Aggregat

20-053 TLV25-HV-II-Vakuum-AggregatVacuum-Aggregate TLV25 HV-II

High-Vacuum Aggregate for central vacuum-systems including vacuum-tank and controller

his Vacuum-Aggregate fits the high requirements of precessing modern thermoplastic materials in the O&P field. The system consists of a powerful oil-lubricated vacuum-pump with a high capacity  airflow of 25m³/h (=416 l/min.) and high end pressure of 5 mbar (99%).




The units is movable on 4 casters and has a 25L vacuum-tank . The intake connection is realised by a 1“ ball-valve.

The full integrated vacuum-controller monitors the vacuum of the connected workshop loop system and shuts the system automatically on and off. A large dimensioned filter with water-separator completes the system and makes it the perfect solution for central vacuum supply

Available Options / Accessories:
Special vacuum-hose D=6, 13 or 19mm - T-joint to set up a loop system -
Vacuum-distributor with 4 connectors for the workplaces - Water-separator for the workplaces




Technical Data: Vacuum-Aggregate TLV25 HV-II


Article-Number: 20-053
Type: Vacuum-Aggregate TLV25HV-II
Vacuum-Pump: 25 m³/h / rotary vane pump, oil-lubricated end-pressere 5mbar / motor-protection-switch
Vacuum-tank 25L tank
Filter: High capacity dust-filter with extra water-separator
Vacuumautomatic: standard
Vacuum connection: 1“ ball valve 
Power supply: 400 / 50Hz / 1,2 kW / 3 Ph. (other on request)
Dimensions: W 600 x L 500 x H 490 mm
Weight 60 kgs