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06-500 PO1200-Pre-Pref-Ofen Screen1  06-500 PO1200-Pre-Pref-Ofen TO
06-500 PO1200 Detail Absaugung
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06-500 PO1200 Pre-Preg-Ofen
06-500 PO1200-Pre-Pref-Ofen Screen4 06-500 PO1200-Pre-Pref-Ofen TO Modell


06 500 PO1200 Pre Preg Ofen

Pre-Preg Oven PO1200

Special unit for Pre-Preg technology
The new standard in composite processing

The PO1200 convection oven has been developed for the special needs of Pre-Preg processing in the O&P
field. The large housing with double doors allows to place multiple hanging moulds inside the oven. A standard
4x vacuum connector is mounted inside the oven. An external water separator is placed at the right side
of the housing. 






  • Microprocessor based control with PID feature, optimized for Pre-Preg processing
  • User friendly control interface with touch-panel
  • Timer- and Ramp-feature for programming individual heating graphs
  • Mould/Material-sensor to control the unit by material temperature
  • Energie-saving 3-zone segmentation to reduce inside dimensions of the heating cabinet for small moulds
  • Standard 4x vacuum-connector with external water-separator




During development a special attention has been focused on the control which manages the heating process. „Heart“ of the system is the microprocessor based central control unit with its special inhouse engineered software and user interface.

The integrated touch-panel and its interactive menu control allows an intuitive operation of the multiple functions. For a specific monitoring of the entire process it can also be controlled by an external temperature sensor (standard scope of delivery). For that just a thin wire sensor is placed at the edge of the Pre-Preg material, between the layers and plugged into the front panel of the control unit. Thus the entire heating process is controlled by the exact core temperature of the material.

Further an integrated Timer- and Ramp-feature allows to program and store individual heating graphs. Withal the user can visualize the entire heating process by a graphic trend. Disturbances can be monitored by a screen entered from the main menu.


  • Energy-saving by three zone segmentation
  • Processing of normal Thermoplastics possible as well.
  • Accessories for processing of Blister forming frames available as an option




Technische Daten: Umluftofen PO1200

Artikel-Nummer: 06-500
Typ: PO1200  - Umluft Heizofen für die Orthopädie-Technik, Spezialofen für die Verarbeitung von Pre-Preg Materialien optimiert
Stellfläche: ca. 1,2 m² / Gehäuse fahrbar
Maße: Außen: B 1230mm - T 920mm - H 1570mm, Innen:  B 1000mm - T 620mm - H 1200mm
Gehäuse: Fahrbar mit 4 Stopprollen, 2-fach Flügeltür mit Doppelscheiben Sichtfenster, Innenraum mittels Zwischenboden in drei Zonen unterteilbar
Elektr. Anschluss: 400V / 50Hz / 3 Phasen / (16 Amp. CEE) / Gesamtanschlußwert 10,2 kW, Andere Spannungen auf Anfrage
Heizung: 3x 3300W, 3x Lüftermotor mit Drehrichtungsumkehr
Temperaturmessung: wahlweise über Ofen- oder Modelltemperatur, 
Temperaturregler: Mikroprozessor gesteuert, Bedienung über Touch-Screen, PID-Regler Funktion, Temperatur stufelos einstellbar von 50°C bis 250°C, Temperatureinheit umschaltbar °C/°F , Timer- und Rampenfunktion individuell programmierbar,  grafische Verlaufsanzeige, Bedienoberfläche mehrsprachig (DE,EN,FR,IT)
Innenraumbeleuchtung: 2 x 25 Watt
Farbe: Innenraum Edelstahl, Außen Struktureffektlack RAL 7035 Lichtgrau, auf Wunsch jede andere RAL Farbe gegen Aufpreis lieferbar.
Gewicht: netto:  283 kg, brutto: 418 kg (mit Versandkiste)
Optionales Zubehör: Universal-Ständer für Blister-Forming Tiefziehrahmen, (Breite einstellbar) (Art. Nr. 07-131), Blister-Forming Tiefziehrahmen 360mm (Art. Nr. 07-132)