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07-330 TLV6-II-PRO-Laminiergerät

07-330 TLV6-II-PRO-Laminiergerät

Laminating device TLV6-II PRO

Compact unit to provide vacuum for two Lamination work-places (4 separate inlets) + 
1 direct-connection for vacuum supply

Powerful lamination device with 6 m³/h vacuum capacity. The device has four connections for two workstations and a direct connection for vacuum applications like drape moulding etc.. The vacuum automatic ensures efficient use of the device without continuous running of the pump and with constant monitoring of the vacuum.

The lamination device comprises a maintenance-free vacuum pump mounted along with the control electronics and a vacuum-gauge in a convenient housing. An included vacuum-tank allows a powerful pulling on drape moulding processes as well.

The device is set on standby when turned on and switches on automatically when the vacuum is used at the workstation. The vacuum is constantly monitored by a vacuum-controller so the device switches off again when work is done and the nominal vacuum in the system has been reached again.


Additional features of the PRO version:
By use of the integrated vacuum regulator two of the four inlets can individually be adjusted. For example when a different vacuum-pressure is required for inner and outer foil during a laminating work.


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Technical Data: Lamination device TLV6-II PRO

Article No.: 07-330
Type: Laminating device TLV6-II PRO
Vacuum-Pump: 6 m³/h / oil- and maintenance-free / end-vacuum 200mbar
Inlet / connections 4x 8mm, separately switchable, 2 of them with separate vacuum-pressure control, 1x DIN coupling for vacuum supply etc.
Filter: dust-filter, per inlet 
Vacuum automatic: standard
Power supply: 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: W 435 x D 390 x H 240 mm
Weight: 22 kgs