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NEW - IR series ..02 Infrared-ovens


The new Witzel Infrared-Ovens of the ..02 series offer extended
features and more user comfort

07-132 IR1302 TO-TD



  • Easy operation by central Touch panel
  • Precise thermostat control by measuring the material temperature
  • Direct SET temperature input
  • Timer feature
  • Ramp feature for slow heating processes (Pre-Preg processing)
  • User-defined heating process memory
  • Graphic trend visualization for heating process control
  • Optimized heat insulation of the oven housing
  • Sustainable by software updates
  • Space saving sliding door for all ovens with Roll-about tray



The components of the new WITZEL SPS control with 3,5" Touch panel:

The IR1302 has been developed especially for the O&P field and its special needs. The new developed controller of the ..02 series is the central control unit of the oven. Beside an easy to adjust SET temperature the main screen shows the CURRENT temperature of the material. Starting at the main screen other features like Timer or Heating-ramp options or the graphic trend
of the heating process can be easily accessed. Equipped with an external USB interface
for program updates the ovens are prepared for future extensions or improvements.

IR1302 Controller


IR 02 Heatingselection1


IR 02 Heatingselection2







Energiesaving heating selection feature

The large IR1302 and IR1302 XTR offer a standard heating selection feature which allows to activate a smaller or larger area of the 18, resp. 24 IR tubes. Thus the energy consumption can be reduced when heating smaller material pieces.


Customized heating processes with timer and heat-ramp feature

Today`s high end materials require individual solutions. The new developed microprocessor controller of the ..02 series enables the user to design and store his own customized heating processes.


Thermostat-control by the material temperature

The temperature control of all Witzel Infrared-ovens is handled by an optical sensor which measures the accurate temperature of the material surface in process. The exact number is processed by a PID algorithm in combination with an especially developed calibration. This allows to process all Thermoplastics which are common in the O&P field.


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