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06-101 AG33-AktiviergerätActivation unit AG33

Extremly compact glue activation unit for the work bench 

This redesigned Glue Activation unit allows to heat up materials on two trays from both sides (!) by 9 ultra fast Infrared tubes on three independently switchable levels.



Beside the heating selection switch a 15 Minute timer allows to control the heating process. The materials are handled very comfortably on a removable tray in each of both levels. The housing of this unit is made from stanless steel and combines a pleasant design with the robust requirements of a workshop.



Technical Data: Glue Activation unit AG33

Article No.: 06-101
Type: Glue Activation unit AG33
Heating: 3x 3 Infrared-Quartz-tubes 330W,  switchable in three levels: 1) top    2) center + bottom    3) top + center + bottom
Timer: infinitely  0 - 15 minutes
Housing Stainless steel, inside and outside
Accessories: 2 shelfs standard
Power supply: 230 V / 50Hz / 3 kW
Dimensions: outside: W 440 x D 260 x H 400 mm / inside : W 360 x D 240 x H 2 x 55 mm
Weight 11 kgs